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our mission

We are a catering company with a mission!

All the proceeds from every dollar you spend through Trinity Catering goes to support two vital ministries:alt

For nearly 35 years the Friday Night Supper program has provided a place for anyone and everyone in need of a hot meal.  This year alone, we estimate that nearly 1,700 meals will be served – with an additional 800 more “take-out” meals.  Often these are to feed friends and family who cannot attend or simply to help get through the weekend.  FNS is staffed entirely by volunteers.alt


Trinity Restaurant Training is a professional eight-week culinary training course.  The curriculum includes everything from knife skills, stocks, sauces & soups to pasta making, eggs & dairy, dry and moist cooking methods to baking and even plate presentation.

All trainees are hired by the "parent" non-profit corporation, Parish Hall Kitchen (PHK) and paid for their course work.  As PHK employees, trainees and graduates are offered the opportunity to work at Trinity  Catering and parish events for Church of the Holy Trinity, where the program is housed.

To ensure the highest level of success for our trainees, our community partner, ACT in Faith, provides a uniform and other essential supplies for each student. Equally as important is the personalized assistance that helps to remove any barriers that might jeopardize candidates' ability to succeed.  Such barriers often include transportation and communication issues which make bus tokens, an auto repair or a working cell phone crucial.  More robust aid, such as eviction prevention, payment of utility bills, and a supply of adequate food are furnished when needed.  Résumé development and job placement are also provided for all trainees.  We currently estimate the full cost of one trainee to be $5,000.

This past summer, after nearly two years of hard work and planning, Trinity Restaurant Training successfully graduated and placed in full-time employment our first trainee, Derran Smith. In October our second trainee, Angela Quail, graduated and is currently employed in the food service industry.  Our third trainee, Joe Singletary, began his training on November 12th.

Our goal is to serve our community by providing job training to those who are un- or under-unemployed.  However, all of this is only made possible by your partnering with us to make a difference.  Please consider donating to the program and most importantly, hiring Trinity Catering for all your catering needs! 



Please download our menu herealt


We can always use your help! If you feel that Trinity Catering and the programs it supports, Trinity Restaurant Training and Friday Night Supper, are vital to this community, please consider lending your helping hand by donating. A credit card donation page will be added shortly and meanwhile, please send your check donation to:

Parish Hall Kitchen Project
c/o Church of the Holy Trinity
212 South High Street
West Chester PA 19382